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The point isn't to get people to accept that they have biases, but to get them to see [for themselves] that those biases have negative consequences for others.

Theresa McHenry, HD Director, Microsoft UK

We begin with an initial consultation to develop the most effective strategy for your team, whether it be a broad approach to build awareness, or a targeted, hands-on approach for more lasting impact.

Our Services

Shared Sisterhood-Services


A small- or large-scale presentation that delivers actionable advice on how to incorporate behavioral changes in the workplace.


This option is best for companies looking to have the broadest and quickest impact on their organization. To ensure deep learning, this option is best paired with one or both of the following services.

Opie Consulting
Speaking Engagements


Small and large group experiences are offered in-person, online via Client’s existing conference platform, or as a supported company led experience.


This option is best for corporations that want to ensure employees have long-lasting impact through a hands-on approach.



Tina will work over a set period of time, remotely or in-person to coach the Client toward achieving their specific goals through conversations, implementing organizational and/or operational changes, deciding on metrics to track progress, and any additional services tailored to the Client’s specific needs.


This option has the greatest impact on corporate changes regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Opie Consulting Group
Ongoing Consulting
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