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Shared Sisterhood

We can have unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

We don't have to be like one another to enjoy sisterhood.

Barbara W. Winder, Relief Society, General President
Opie Consulting Group
Opie Consulting Group
Shared Sisterhood

Shared Sisterhood™ is OCG's flagship methodology for providing individuals and organizational leaders with specific strategies to tap into their authentic identities, forge deeper relationships across differences and create more inclusive environments.

Shared Sisterhood

The Shared Sisterhood™ process works to promote trust, vulnerability, empathy, and risk-taking.

Opie Consulting Group

With these components in hand, teams are better-equipped to have higher creativity, enhanced team performance and improved organizational leadership.

Anyone can engage in Shared Sisterhood, regardless of gender or racioethnicity.

Learn more by downloading our Shared Sisterhood deck

Opie Consulting Group


Individual Level
Opie Consulting Group
Relational Level
Opie Consulting Group
Group/Org Level
(Collective Advancement)

Our two-phased approach,
DIG and BRIDGE, asks participants to first “dig” to develop their own abilities to be vulnerable, to trust, to empathize, and to take risks with others before they can interact authentically with their coworkers.

Second, individuals begin to “bridge” and identify how they differ from others in order to be empathetic and create action plans in pursuit of equity.


This unique process delivers more depth to counteract the organizational status quo by making relationships and social interactions less transactional and more authentically reciprocal.

Opie Consulting Group
Opie Consulting Group

The research is clear:

When workplace cultures become more open to vulnerability

icon on safetey.png

Safety Improves

icon on gender equality.png

Gender Equity Expands

icon on profitability.png

Profitability & Employee Retention Increase

Shared Sisterhood is offered in a variety of ways including workshops, online conferences, or speaking engagements. 
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